Analysis and Proposal for Increased Capacity at a Surgery Unit - More capacity, same resources

Examensarbete för masterexamen

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Typ: Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Titel: Analysis and Proposal for Increased Capacity at a Surgery Unit - More capacity, same resources
Författare: Kebedom, Alexander
Lorend, Edmond
Sammanfattning: The main purpose of this project was to provide Sahlgrenska University Hospital with suggestions for increased capacity with their current resources. The study was conducted at Östra Sjukhuset, Operation 1. The theory used is based on the principles of operations management by Holweg et al. (2018) and research suggests that reducing non-surgery time and variation in surgery processes provides significant impact on time saved, and ultimately increased capacity. Through observations, a work sampling study and collection of historical data from their internal software, Orbit, it was possible to build an empirical foundation of the current state, the division of labor and surgery data. Connecting the literature review and our results to the case of Operation 1 resulted in the main recommendation of parallelization of the anaesthesia process. This is done by implementing an anaesthesia induction room such that instrument preparations can continue in parallel. The potential improvement for one of the studied surgery types was 55 minutes, which is roughly 50% of the non-surgery time. From observations and the work sampling, potential reductions of variation and wastes could be identified which in turn result in a potential 68 additional minutes saved per day. Further, it was recommended that all recommendations should be combined with a continuous improvement strategy of standardizing specific surgery types to specific weekdays. With the implementation of these process improvements, it is possible to achieve enough spare capacity to perform an additional surgery in the same day and theatre. Therefore, yes, it is possible to increase capacity with the same amount of resources.
Nyckelord: Transport;Övrig industriell teknik och ekonomi;Transport;Other industrial engineering and economics
Utgivningsdatum: 2019
Utgivare: Chalmers tekniska högskola / Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation
Chalmers University of Technology / Department of Technology Management and Economics
Serie/rapport nr.: Master thesis. E - Department of Technology Management and Economics, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden : E2019:111
Samling:Examensarbeten för masterexamen // Master Theses

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