Produktutveckling av ett skönhetsverktyg för hemmabruk

Examensarbete på kandidatnivå

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Type: Examensarbete på kandidatnivå
Title: Produktutveckling av ett skönhetsverktyg för hemmabruk
Authors: Ahl, Victoria
Chau, Alexandra
Otterlind, Pia
Svanlund, Tove
Svanlund, Wilhelm
Thempo Bengtsson, Niklas
Abstract: This bachelor thesis aims to examine the microneedling tool Skinroller PRO from a user centered perspective, in order to develop a more sustainable and esthetically appealing alternative. The project has been carried out in close collaboration with Skinroller and the aim was to increase the life of the product and to create a dermaroller that the user will cherish and keep for longer. In order to gain a greater level of insight from the users and to get an understanding of their opinions on Skinroller PRO, interviews and surveys were performed. These were then used as foundation in the product development process. The key factors identified where exchangeability, grip ability and esthetics. These were then explored with brainstorming and after iteration there was one concept that satisfied all the criteria. The result was the product Skinroller X, which solves the throwaway issue with an exchangeable head. This concept stands out as a simple and elegant solution that is more sustainable with an effortless twist motion, that allows the user to change the worn-down part of the product. Skinroller X is designed to give the user a sense of luxury and exclusivity, starting at the unboxing experience. It is also designed to grant a safe interaction with the tool. This report is written in Swedish.
Keywords: Skinroller, dermaroller, skönhetsverktyg, microneedling, design, ergonomi, hållbarhet
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Chalmers tekniska högskola / Institutionen för industri- och materialvetenskap
Collection:Examensarbeten för kandidatexamen // Bachelor Theses (IMS)

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