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2021Engineered Tunnel Barriers for a YBCO Single Electron TransistorVan Veldhoven, Zenas
2020Feasibility Study of an All High TC Single Electron TransistorSignorello, Giorgio
2020Single Photon Characterization of (103)-oriented Y Ba2Cu3O7−x Coplanar Waveguide ResonatorMurendranath Patil, Chirag
2020Transport Properties of Bi2Te3 and Proximity Effect with Aluminum SuperconductorsEkström, Maria
2020Doping dependent transport in YBCO nanostructures: insights into the microscopic mechanism for high critical temperature superconductivityToskovic, Ranko
2020Microwave and noise properties of YBCO films and Josephson junctions for quantum circuit applicationsSmets, Quentin
2020Synthesis and electrical characterization of topological insulator Bi2Se3 nanobeltsAdham, Kristi
2019Reliability and reproducibility of Josephson junction fabrication - Steps towards an optimized processOsman, Amr
2020Class D Power Amplifier Design in 22nm CMOS for RF delta-sigma Modulated SignalsLangborn, Björn
2020Characterization of memory effects in GaN based HPAs for multi function sensorsDivinyi, Andreas
2020Optical characterisation of two-dimensional WSe2 flakes for quantum light emissionFrey, Joey
2019High Reflectivity GaAs-based Photonic Crystal Reflectors for Cavity OptomechanicsElkhouly, Karim
2020Electropolishing of superconducting cavities for quantum memory applicationsBIZNÁROVÁ, JANKA
2019Signal Analysis of Gamma Brain Oscillations Recorded with Low-Tc and High-Tc SQUID-Based Magnetoencephalography - A Matching Pursuit ApproachGoudian, Tamara
2019Graphene field-effect transistors for high frequency and flexible electronicsKrivic, Marijana
2019Investigation into the VCSEL nonlinearity in a RoF system and possible techniques of suppressionAltrabulsi, Ghaiath
2019Reduction of Crosstalk Distortion in 5G - Relaxed Isolation-based Linearization for sub-6 GHz Advanced Antenna SystemsAbdalrahman, Fida; Al-Qamaji, Ali
2019Characterisation of high-frequency noise in graphene FETs at different ambient temperaturesLi, Junjie
2011Substrates for Packaging of Silicon Carbide Power ElectronicsRuppi, Robert
2019Realization of a 1-bit RF receiver - An implementation method for distributed MIMO over fiberAabel, Lise