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Genetic Engineering Ethics - Essay by Jacopo Mazzanti.pdf.jpg2021Genetic engineering, a further step for humanity or a dangerous pitfall?Mazzanti, Jacopo
Martins_Eglitis_Final_Writing_Assignment_Story.pdf.jpg20218coin.bitEglitis, Martin
Ethics_final_assigment_Dominika.pdf.jpg2021Switch-offHamulczuk, Dominika
A sustainable marine transport sector_final.pdf.jpg2021A sustainable marine transport sectorAlvelid, Carl; Schmidt, Daniel; Ljunge, Jonna; Gutke, Julia; Pai, Rahul Rajendra; Muthukrishnan, Shruthik Krishnan
group1_fridatoveillán_LATE_15676_1030306_TRA105 - G1 - Final hand-in.pdf.jpg2020Creation of conceptual challenge-driven space to foster trans-disciplinary collaboration at Chalmers campus JohannebergFischer, Frida; Jensen, Tove; Riestra Nava, Illán
group5_fridabjörnshameer_LATE_12456_1033001_Project_Report-1.pdf.jpg2020Workshops in a virtual space: A design study of online education towards enhanced collaborationEdstam, Frida; Engman Otréus, Björn; Pradhan, Shameer Kumar
group4_jolineklaudiaoskar_22436_1026727_A digital twin of food waste-group4-TRA105.pdf.jpg2020A digital twin of food waste: to understand the behavior of waste and to reduce itKraemer, Joline; Mur, Klaudia; Rehnberg, Oskar
group3_emiliaelenafelixjohnny_12955_1026465_Framework for studying the flow of people at campus Johanneberg .pdf.jpg2020Framework for studying the flow of people at campus Johanneberg: A way to streamline the resource usede la Fuente Crespo, Elena; Hamnesjö Olausson, Johnny; Nonnengiesser, Felix; Sandolf, Emilia
group2_majapremthipjonathanjonas_14611_1026573_Project Report_compressed.pdf.jpg2020The best campus when it rains: A design proposal for blue infrastructure on Chalmers campus JohannebergFritz, Jonas Herbert; Kristiansson, Jonathan; Lindborg, Maja; Yaowapatsiri, Premthip
EXPLORING A NEW ENERGY-EFFICIENT WAY TO HEAT WATER.pdf.jpg2020Exploring a new energy-efficient way to heat water: Design of a heat exchanger for laundry machine applications produced using additive manufacturingDybeck Carlsson, Simon; Hamulczuk, Dominika; Raja, Shanjith
Items (sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 10 of 10