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2019Spectroscopic characterization of a series of aryl Schiff bases and their potential use for targeting DNAArgyri, Smaragda-Maria
2019Synthesis of novel 3D-printing materials based on peptide functionalized bioplymersWalkhed, Erik
2019Synthesis of novel 3D-printing materials based on peptide functionalized bioplymersBjellheim, Philip
2019Antibacterial nanostructured elastomers for biomedical applications Emphasis on urinary cathetersStepulane, Annija
2019Iopamidol as MRI-CEST contrast agent forimprovedinfectiondetectiononmesoporous TiO2-functionalised biomedical implantsAlabiso, Walter
2019Sample preparation for atom probe tomography proteomics (APTP)Amirsetia, Joe Wira
2019Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Methane to Methanol under Various Reaction ConditionsCarlsson, Fredrik
2019The influence of Ni on corrosion of Fe18CrXNi model alloys at 600 °CFung, William
2019Development of manganese ore as oxygen carrier for CLC and CLOUViggeborn, Andreas
2019Recycling of lithium-ion batteries. The effects of a reducing agent on the efficiency and kinetics of metal leachingJensen, Robert
2019Characterization of Photodegradable Polymers for UV-triggered Release from MicrocapsulesVavra, Szilvia
2019Antiseptic microspheres embedded in nonwoven fiber materialsJakobsen, Petrus
2019Microfluidics-Integrated Surface Acoustic Wave BiosensorOlivefors, Astrid
2019In-line monitoring of powder blend homogeneity in continuous drug manufacture using near infrared spectroscopyRadovanovic Jansson, Lisa
2019CFD simulation and Experimental Study of a Carbon CanisterZafar, Muhammad Hassan
2019Reverse Engineering on Biodegradable Pegs on the MarketTengblad, Lovisa
2019UV-responsive MicrocapsulesBeer, Alina
2019High Temperature Corrosion of FeCrAl Alloys in Humidified EnvironmentEdgren, Aina
2019Dual Atmospheric Corrosion of Ferritic Stainless Steels for SOFC ApplicationsHjorth, Oscar; Hansen, Lukas
2019Method development for measuring the releaseofantimicrobialsubstancesfrom wound care dressingsFlodin, Alice