QnAS - Quantum noisy Algorithm Simulator: Ett simuleringsverktyg för kvantalgoritmer med störningar i Python

Examensarbete för kandidatexamen
Blom, Axel
Edenmyr, Albin
Martinson, Edvin
Nordqvist, Ludvig
Palmqvist, Didrik
Wikman, Isak
Quantum computers are predicted to vastly outperform classical computers for certain calculations in the future and are therefore one of the most talked about research fields of our time. For the time being, quantum computers are however severly limited by the physical noises in the hardware. In this project a program called Quantum noisy Algorithm Simulator (QnAS) was developed in order to simulate quantum algorithms affected by relaxation, dephasing, excitation and unwanted interference between qubits. The aim was for the program to be able to simulate up to 15 qubits, be efficient and easy to use. The project was conducted on behalf of Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology and therefore had their specific implementation in mind, but the program could be generalised for other implementations of quantum computers as well. The program is written in Python and is based on the package QuTiP. The simulations are performed by the Monte Carlo wave function method in order to simulate as many qubits as possible. The result was a Python package that can be installed via pip. The program was verified by simulating a simple quantum algorithm and comparing the result with experimental data. Also presented in the report are results that demonstrate the functionality and performance of the program. The number of qubits that can be simulated is limited by the performance of the computer and it is considered reasonable to simulate up to 13 qubits on a personal computer whilst more than 15 qubits could be simulated on a computer cluster. The ambition is for the program to be used in the further development of quantum computers by for example giving information about noise resistance of algorithms, indicating which hardware parameters need to be improved and for troubleshooting experimental results. Some potential further developments that could increase the usability of QnAS are also discussed.
qnas , kvantdator , kvantalgoritm , kvantbit , python , algoritm , qutip
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