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Buller från padelbanor utomhus - En jämförelse mellan padel och tennis 4294
BLDC Motor Modelling and Control - A Matlab®/Simulink® Implementation 2824
Beyond debug information: Improving program reconstruction in LLDB using C++ modules 2223
Socio-technical evaluation of urine diversion in Linköping and Norrköping 1867
Tryggt torg - En rapport om trygghetsgestaltning av Friskväderstorget 1812
Power-to-Gas concepts integrated with syngas production through gasification of forest residues - Process modelling 1699
Building Secure Web Applications Using Self-Protecting JavaScript 1625
Multifunktionell byggnad för Göteborgs Stad 1476
Beyond the HUD - User Interfaces for Increased Player Immersion in FPS Games 1475
A Lean Transformation Journey - A Case Study of the Lean Implementation Process at a Medium-Sized Manufacturing Plant 1429