Master Theses Collection

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Investigating cell wall degradation treatments, pH-shifting and extrusion as methods to increase the quality of Paecilomyces variotii as a protein source in fish feedPersson, Frida
2019High Content Screening to Study Cellular Response to Treatment by Using Primary In Vitro Cultures Established from CNS Tumour SamplesEngdahl, Linus
2019Reverse Engineering Stress Tolerance in Yarrowia lipolytica. Bottom-up genetic-engineering approach to improve the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica’s tolerance to high temperature, high osmolarity, and low pH based on Adaptive Laboratory EvolutionGorter de Vries, Philip
2019Biophysical approaches in a structure-guided SMYD3 ligand discoveryTalu, Martin Johannes
2019Interplay between Notch signalling and transcription factors Ebf1 and Pax5 in Lymphoid cell fate determinationTingvall Gustafsson, Johanna
2019HSC development and location of Hoxb5 positive cells during gastrulation and early organogenesis in the fetal liverWegnelius, Tuva
2019Exploring Social Interactions in Microbial Communities of the Human GutZorrilla, Francisco
2019Tackling Metastatic Cancer: From Systems Biology to TherapeuticsLimeta, Angelo
2019Characterization and differentiation of MAFA reporter hiPS cells into pancreatic beta cellsSjölin, Jacob
2019Evaluation of experimental parameters to model and assess long-term potentiation in vitroTaha, Walid
2019Evaluation of the on-/off-target DNA cleavage induced by Cas9 variantsNiklas, Selfjord
2019Epigenetic effects of survivin and histone modifications in human CD4+ T cellsBremer, Robin
2019Pea protein-systems for plant based protein products, The effect of insoluble and soluble lentil fractions on rheology, microstructure and gelation properties of heat induced pea protein gelsJohansson, Mathias
2019Fatty acids in red blood cells in infants and their mothers in relation to allergy development. Analysis of erythrocyte fatty acids in mothers and infants in the NICE cohort at four- and twelve-months post-partum, maternal diet and the influence on allergy development.Suokko, Markus
2019Extruded Vegetable Proteins An investigation of the influence of selected additives upon the texturization process of pea protein isolate during high moisture food extrusionEriksson, Johanna
2019Yeast membrane engineering to improve acetic acid tolerance for lignocellulose conversion.Trivellin, Cecilia
2019Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and allergy development Analysis of phospholipids in maternal and cord serum and their relationship with each other, diet and development of allergyJohansson, Elin
2019Effects of metal ions on aggregation of Parkinson’sdiseaseprotein,α-synucleinLorentzon, Emma
2019Developing a protocol for in vitro assembly of chromatin using genome scale DNA moleculesTörnkvist, Hanna
2019EFFECT OF MONOMERIC AMYLOID-β ON CELL SECRETED EXOSOMES Discerning the pathology of Alzheimer’s diseaseMerchant, Nandan Amol
Items (sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 120