Automotive engineering designers’ unconscious decision making

Examensarbete för masterexamen

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Type: Examensarbete för masterexamen
Title: Automotive engineering designers’ unconscious decision making
Authors: Bergenstråhle, Robin
Abstract: In this study knowledge from engineers working with product development is captured, verifed and analysed using the engineering check sheet method. The engineering check sheet method applies iterative interviews to capture knowledge from experienced engineers. The captured knowledge is analysed and put into a checklist and categorised using the categories `Know-What', `Know-Why' and `Know-How'. Through additional interviews with engineers, it was found that the engineering check sheets to a high degree re ect their work process, even if there were some deviations due to information being outdated. When the engineering check sheets were analysed, 15 reoccurring themes were identifed. Of these, more than half presents knowledge on how to thin slice the available information in product development.
Keywords: Checklist;Knowledge Reuse;Knowledge Management;Engineering Check Sheet;Thin slice;Production Development
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Chalmers tekniska högskola / Institutionen för vetenskapens kommunikation och lärande (CLS)
Collection:Examensarbeten för masterexamen // Master Theses

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