Pad project period

Projektarbete, avancerad nivå

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Type: Projektarbete, avancerad nivå
Title: Pad project period
Authors: Widdgård, Thea
Ljungberg, Elin
Sköld, Sandra
Karlsson, Fredrik
Abstract: Even though almost half of the world population are women, menstruation is seen as a taboo in many countries around the world. In Kenya, the attendance among adolescent girls in school is decreasing, girls even drop out of school due to the limited access to sanitary products such as menstruation pads. During Reality Studio, many projects involving the sanitary pad, ZingiPad have been performed. This year the Pad Project Period was executed, the vision of the project is to make a difference for young girls in Kenya and also for the organization Zingira. Zingira is a community based organization that coordinates with local artisans to produce products from recycled and locally sourced materials. One of their products is the ZingiPad, which is sold to local schools and aims to help girls and women who can not afford to buy sanitary products. If the production would increase it would result in more girls getting access to sanitary pads. If the production of sanitary pads at Zingira would improve the income will increase, which will help the organization develop to be more impactful. To reach the aim, the project was divided into four themes, Production, Business, Material, and Education. Each theme has a different aim, which is important for reaching the main aim and purpose of the project.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Chalmers tekniska högskola // Institutionen för arkitektur och samhällsbyggndsteknik
Collection:Projektarbeten // Project Reports

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