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2022Sustainability measures along the reverse supply chainBergström, Jesper; Strålman, Moa
2022Investigating the VLBI Scale Behaviour. How is the VLBI Technique Defined Scale Affected by the Session Network Components?Nyström Lindé, Fredrik
2022Extraction of Ca(OH)2 from industrial by-products for the use in a passive-DAC system for negative emissionsScheer, Julian
2022Design and Analysis of Interconnected Medium-Voltage MicrogridsLiu, Yibo; Ma, Ziyao
2022Influence of policy decisions on CCS-system: Development in Swedish industriesEriksson, Sara
2022Evaluation of an Absorption Based aMDEA Process Using Aspen Plus: A conceptual study of biobased carbon capture technology for a combined heat and power plantLarsson, Jesper; Larsson, Tove
2022Electrification of the Port of Gothenburg: How will it affect the Gothenburg energy system?Hansson, Simon; Wall, Martin
2022CO2 Reduction Measures in Steam Cracker Plants: Process integration opportunities of electrified steam methane reforming for fuel gas valorizationLehle, Tobias
2022Promotion of herbal medicines as a sustainable development strategyMartvall, Amanda; Lindberg, Klara
2022Gravitationally Lensed, High-Redshift Starburst GalaxiesBredberg, Markus
2022GNSS data processing strategies and antenna phase center calibration techniquesAbdalla, Meaad; Johansson, Frida
2022Carbon dioxide reduction measures in steam cracker plants: Process integration and opportunities for autothermal methane reforming for fuel gas valorisationThim, Marcus
2022Strategic charging of electric vehicles in public parking areas: Optimized charging strategies of electric vehicles from a parking area operator perspectiveBjörklund, Filip; Ekström, Jonathan
2022Temporal analysis of power system violations due to electric vehicles: The case of the Swedish low-voltage distribution gridRomero del Rincón, Pablo
2022Techno-economic analysis of integrated heat recovery applications for a thermal energy storage system based on an aluminum alloyPeter, Marcus
2022Sector coupling of the electricity and district heating system of Gothenburg - Integrating electric boilers in a multi-zone district heating modelHaagensen Thornström, Tim; Larsson, Viktor
2022Flexibility in planning and operation of sawmill: An investigation of the potential for industrial demand response using MILP cost optimisation modelsKjellander, Josefine
2022Supporting municipal energy transition through modelling of possible future energy scenarios: A case study of Kungälv, SwedenJahn, Benedikt; Nivit, Mital
2022A modelling heat transfer study of a hydrogen flame in the iron ore pelletization process: An evaluation of the rotary kiln processEhlmé, Elias
2022Thermal Plasma in a Rotary Kiln for Cement Production: An Investigation of the Heat Transfer MechanismsPetersson, John