Signal box optimisation at the Swedish railway

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Maskinteknik 300 hp (civilingenjör)
Sigvardsson, Petrus
The transport sector faces major challenges in meeting the increasing demands of energy. Work is carried out to optimize energy consumption in the railway signalling system. However, no studies have been made of what the actual power requirement is for the signal boxes along the railway. This thesis has investigated if an energy optimization can be done in three existing signal boxes of type 95 in Göteborg. Type 95 signal boxes are computer based and control e.g. signals and railway switches. Today, consultants relay on data sheets from suppliers during new design and reinvestment. The result in this thesis is a new proposed method for optimization that can be used on both existing signal boxes and signal boxes that will be build in the future. The developed model used in the optimization method tells the user the actual power requirement for a certain setup of components in the signal box and has proven to give good results. This was determined by comparing the model to earlier proposed optimization results and by testing the model on different sizes of signal boxes. The model uses maximum values both from the in depth power consumption analysis of the railway switches, and the assumed values from output groups with no measurements on. Thus, the energy optimisation can be improved with further work in the future. The conclusion of this thesis is that some of the signal boxes in Göteborg are dimensioned to handle much higher power consumption then the actual power consumption is in the signal boxes. Subscription rates can thus be lowered which results in a financial benefit. Cable dimensions can be reduced in planned new signal station and in that way reduce used material. The UPS could also, in some cases, be made smaller and take less space due to lower power peaks. This is both cheaper and reduces the resources needed to build the signal box.
Elkraftteknik , Electric power engineering
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