Teachers’ needs and attitudes towards the use of E-learning in higher education

dc.contributor.authorBergqvist, Daniel
dc.contributor.departmentChalmers tekniska högskola / Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik (Chalmers)sv
dc.contributor.departmentChalmers University of Technology / Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers)en
dc.description.abstractThe education system has changed a lot since the introduction of IT in teaching, often called E-learning, and the use of it still continues to grow in popularity. Flipped classroom, which is E-learning mixed with classroom education, is one famous and effective teaching approach that has started to gain popularity in higher education. This has become interesting for Chalmers University of Technology, as they want to increase the use of E-learning, especially the use of the Flipped classroom approach among the teachers and organisations at campus. One way they do this, is to establish a production help and support group for E-learning, which should educate and understand the needs of the teachers who will use E-learning in teaching. This is also interesting for Chalmers Professional Education, an organisation connected to Chalmers which provides education for professionals. They want to understand what teachers at Chalmers think about E-learning and how they work with the technology, to better improve their own organisation. Against the background of those conditions at Chalmers, the aim of this thesis is to understand the teachers perceptions and needs when using E-learning in campus education, but also to identify the support needs that they require. The thesis was conducted as a case study, where interviews with teachers and observations of meetings about Flipped classroom and E-learning techniques were the main sources of data. The results show that the teachers have different experiences and thoughts about using E-learning in their teaching. They can see benefits as well as challenges, but in general are their attitudes towards the use of E-learning in education positive. Teachers see the many new opportunities that exists with E-learning, foremost the opportunity to collect continuous student data and more time for active learning in the classroom. The critical problem is the extra time required to produce and administer E-learning activities, which teachers wish Chalmers organisation could help them with.
dc.titleTeachers’ needs and attitudes towards the use of E-learning in higher education
dc.type.degreeExamensarbete för masterexamensv
dc.type.degreeMaster Thesisen
local.programmeLearning and leadership (MPLOL), MSc
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