Playful Child-Drone Interaction

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master's Thesis
Interaction design and technologies (MPIDE), MSc
Falkenby, Matilda
Åkesson, Sofie
In preparation for this thesis, a literature study was conducted which identified a research gap between Human-Drone Interaction (HDI) and Child-Drone Interaction (CDI). This led us to further investigate the market for children and toy drones. This analysis suggested that there is a clear market for gesture controlled toy drones but without any research supporting the design of such. Which led us to adopt an Research For Design (RfD) approach with an exploratory nature. The aim of this was to investigate what should be considered when designing these toy drones for collaboration and playfulness as well as what possible safety risks may arise with these types of gestured interactions. This was done through qualitative studies with two groups of children, that we worked with on three different occasions. These meetings included an elicitation study through enactment, a co-design workshop, and commercial drone testing which were all video and audio recorded. After completion, we started gathering all of our data and prepared it for thematic analysis. This thematic analysis resulted in a set of design consideration for gesture controlled toy drones and also the identification of three main types of safety risks. In parallel to this, we started to diverge in the solution space of our problem, which included steps such as skewing and brainstorming to produce a number of different potential solutions based on the user requirements. This resulted in two different storyboards as the requirements for each group were significantly different. These included concepts of a play with the characters illustrating each individual child. We also produced a story based on our meetings with one of the groups to prime critical reflections around the usage of cameras as they showed a clear interest in this for the purpose of espionage. We then presented the storyboards and the story to the group it concerned in an evaluation.
interaction design , toy drones , participatory design , child-drone interaction , gestures , child-robot interaction , safety risks , ethnographic research , human-drone interaction
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