Teaching and learning fundamental geotechnics through implementation of active learning - An experiment on how the implementation of active learning on an ordinary lecture affects students learning.

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Learning and leadership (MPLOL), MSc
Larsson, Johanna
The goal of teaching any subject is, of course, to achieve the most effective learning. There are several ways to implement teaching and also many different ways to improve the way any subject is taught by using the variety of different teaching models available. This depends on what kind of knowledge a teacher wants to mediate. Fundamental geotechnics is a subject were new methods of teaching could be prosperous. This conclusion is drawn from personal experience from studying the course “Geoteknik med grundläggning” on Chalmers (Chalmers, 2016) and from being part of the course as a teacher for two years. I am studying to become both a civil engineer and a teacher. This combination of experience gives me a rather unique perspective as I have knowledge both in the area of teaching and learning in general, as well as in teaching and learning fundamental geotechnics. The aim of this project is to create a method usable by teachers with no assumed pedagogical education and with which active learning can be implemented to an ordinary lecture in geotechnics. Further, the project aims to investigate whether active learning is conductive to learning in geotechnics. A teaching method for implementing active learning to an ordinary lecture was developed. Active learning was implemented on an ordinary lecture in fundamental geotechnics which was used in the investigation that consisted of an experiment. In the experiment an experiment group attended a lecture with active learning implemented and afterward answered an online survey. The survey contained questions regarding both the students´ remembrance of the lecture´s content and their perception of the lecture’s arrangement. The answers from the experiment group was compared to the answers from a control group that attended a lecture with the same content but with no active learning implemented. The control group answered the same online survey as the experiment group. According to the result from the performed experiment it is possible to use the developed method in order to implement active learning to an ordinary lecture. The implementation of active learning is appreciated by students participating. Whether this experiment shows that active learning contributes to students remembering more of the content of a lecture cannot be established in this case as the number of control questions and participants were too few.
geotechnics , active learning , teaching , teaching models
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