Backegården - Residential Healthcare Architecture

Projektarbete, avancerad nivå
Project Report, advanced level
Endre, Isabella
Carlsson, Angelika
Ma, Hanxiao
Location Utby is an established “egnahem”- suburb 6 km northeast of Gothenburg. The area, that mostly consists of villas and row houses, began to build up in 1910 and expanded in several stages until the 1960s. Utby is best known for its beautiful nature and climbing mountains that are of national importance. There is not a lot of public functions in the area today except a grocery store, some restaurants and hairdressers. A church and a preschool are situated close to the site. The site, in the centre of Utby, is mostly unspoiled nature and allotment gardens which provide green recreational spaces for the residents today. It is situated on one of the highest points in the area which results in great views over the mountains. The site has a varied topography and a challenging hight difference, which can be an opportunity to create interesting architecture but at the same time it is a challenge to solve access to and accessibility within the site. Program The task of the project was to design an assisted living facility for people with dementia. With consideration of the dementia village concept, the scale of the context, size of the site and its topography this project is designed for 80 residents. Dementia village A dementia village is about providing a home where life can feel as normal as possible for people with the dementia disease that can no longer stay in their own homes. The concept of a dementia village is to be a safe and accessible space, where people with dementia can continue being independent with the help of easy orientation, ability to take part in the community and everyday activities. By dividing the housing into smaller volumes, the project adapts to the small scale of Utby at the same time as it makes the assisted living feel more like a village. With functions as for example a hairdresser, pub and a spa that can be co-used with the surrounding neighbourhood. The new built environment is a way of providing qualities for the local community, that also normalizes the everyday life for the residents
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