Business Process Mapping and Development: A case study at Volvo Penta on mapping and recommendations for the development of the existing processes

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Product development (MPPDE), MSc
Fazlagic, Arman
Semmingsson, Johan
This project aims to provide knowledge to Volvo Penta about the current process of delivering 3D models to customers and how to improve it. A key service for Volo Penta is delivering models to their customers, these models are used by the customers so that they can see the dimensions, the shape of the parts, where important components are, etc. Volvo Penta used to send out these models to customers after the product was done and ready to order but customers nowadays want the models even earlier so that they can have their newest boats and machines out on the market with the newest Volvo Penta motor. This has been an advantage for Volvo Penta to send out the models earlier than at the start of ordering but this has come with a risk. Sending out models before they are out on the market creates a risk that important and confidential information could leak out and have damaging repercussions for Volvo Penta. In order to minimize the risk of models leaking out, Volvo Penta needs to know their current process and also improve it, the way to do this is by mapping the process first. The main basis for the mapping will be the interviews that were held throughout the project. These interviews will be held with both internal and external stakeholders. The internal stakeholders at Volvo Penta were geometrical architects, sales engineers, and project managers to name a few. The external stakeholders that were interviewed were direct customers of Volvo Penta, retailers of Volvo Penta, and also stakeholders of interest. With the information gathered from these interviews and secondary sources, it was possible to map out the current process of delivering 3D models to customers. The next part of this project is about improving the current process, this will be done by giving recommendations to Volvo Penta both in the short-term and in the long-term. The short-term recommendations will focus on what Volvo Penta can do to immediately improve its process. The long-term recommendations will focus on what Volo Penta can do to opptimize the process even further, but that could take more time and resources.
ACP, CAD, 3D-models, PDM system, Mapping
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