Developing, Constructing and Testing of a Contact System to the Elways Track

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Karlsson, Cecilia
Elways AB has developed an electric track road that can charge electric vehicles while traveling forward on the road. The solution taken forth by Elways is a conductive transfer of energy via a track built into the road. The technology requires the electric vehicle to have a contact mounted on it, which can be connected and disconnected to the track. The power is transferred from the track to the vehicle through the contact. This thesis includes the development, design, building and testing of a prototype for a contact system associated with the Elways technology. The contact is mounted on the electric vehicle, and set on a rail and can move the contact in the vertical direction as well as the horizontal direction. A number of sensors are included in the system in order to get an appropriate control of the contact. The contact moves by two electric DC motor, one for the vertical movement, and a linear motor for the horizontal movement. The thesis includes the development of this contact system where different options are evaluated and analyzed for the different parts of the system, including control of the two motors and reading of the signals from the sensors. The overall control is performed by using a microprocessor and the code is written in Arduino. The system was designed and built during the thesis work. Continuous tests were performed on each part of the system and developments and adjustments were performed as in a regular design process. When the system finally was assembled and built, the contact system was tested at a test track installed and built by Elways AB. These tests were evaluated and the results are presented in this thesis. The contact system worked as intended on the tests, but it is a prototype for a final product and is an ongoing project.
Elkraftteknik, Electric power engineering
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