Engineering Requirements for the Development of Cloud Based Support for Autonomous Trucks

dc.contributor.authorRao, Supriya
dc.contributor.departmentChalmers tekniska högskola / Institutionen för data och informationstekniksv
dc.contributor.examinerHebig, Regina
dc.contributor.examinerChaudron, Michel
dc.contributor.supervisorKnauss, Eric
dc.description.abstract[Context and Motivation] Continuous development is about making software development a continuous endeavour rather than a one time process, for the solution to be ready for release all the time and also to grow and evolve in small increments. With the recent advancements in the remote cloud based support a.k.a control tower for the autonomous trucks, automotive original equipment manufacturers, which traditionally struggle to embrace continuous development paradigms are embracing the phenomena from early stages in requirements to remain competitively ahead in business. [Question/Problem] Despite many practices in requirements engineering there is lack of an effective requirements practice that could be applicable for autonomous vehicle support software. Especially, when considering continuous integration or deployment, it makes it hard to acquire good representative set of use cases which could be structured and maintained before dwelling into actual implementation. Along with it, there is lack of information on how the operational design domain elements of the vehicle could relate to the use cases. [Principal ideas/results] Based on the design science research approach, this study as an artifact provides an expandable yet useful initial list of use cases to inform continuous development, a use case classification, list of challenges in the control tower implementation, an information model that relates these use cases to relevant other information (e.g, about operational design domain elements, quality attributes, etc.) and a novel template for the generation of effective use cases. The findings from evaluation show that the artifact is useful and applicable in the development. [Contribution] The major contribution is the designed artifact itself, which contributes in the field of requirements engineering and is a solution to the industrial context verified from its practical applicability. The artifact not only enables novel solution to the identified problems but also contributes to the design science knowledge
dc.subjectuse casessv
dc.subjectrequirements engineeringsv
dc.subjectcontrol towersv
dc.subjectcloud supportsv
dc.subjectdesign science researchsv
dc.subjectautonomous truckssv
dc.subjectcontinuous developmentsv
dc.subjectuse case templatesv
dc.subjectinformation modelsv
dc.subjectoperational design domainsv
dc.titleEngineering Requirements for the Development of Cloud Based Support for Autonomous Truckssv
dc.type.degreeExamensarbete för masterexamensv
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