Elcyklar och dess möjlighet till uppladdning under drift

Examensarbete för kandidatexamen
Bachelor Thesis
Ivarsson, Patrik
Nordvall, Andreas
Svennung, Johan
Today’s environmental discussions have led to more progress in the different transport areas. To ride a bicycle is often one of the most efficient alternative when it comes to transport. An Electric bike is, and makes transportation more efficient than a regular bicycle. Electric bicycles do not affect the environment significantly and allows more convenient transportation than ordinary bicycles do. Although the electric bicycle market is extensive in Sweden today there are no electric bikes with regenerating capacity to be found. This report aims to construct a component that regenerates the power from the electric motor into the battery and to investigate the extent of the electric bicycle market and the regenerating ditto. An electric bicycle rebuilt kit was bought from a firm in Austria in the beginning of the project and was assembled on a regular cycle, in order to make it regenerative. In addition, a component analysis was made in order to determine which values the regenerating circuit should have, and which component alternative that is available. The report discusses various electric bicycle parts and the advantages and disadvantages of the components in order to find the best alternative to a regenerative circuit, which further on was used for a construction. The main task of the regenerating circuit is to unify the electric motors three-phase power so that the rollback is possible. A market analysis was carried out to identify the actors on the Swedish electric bike market and to get their opinion of regenerating capacity. This study concluded that the market is not mature enough to use regenerating brakes in electric bicycles partly due to cost reasons and partly because of a weak demand from the customers. The completed regenerating circuit functioned satisfactorily, but because of defects on some of the components on the rebuilt kit the circuit it could not finally be tested on the electric bicycles. Therefore, further analysis of the component is necessary to ascertain if it works in for real.
Elkraftteknik , Electric power engineering
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