Design and implementation of a PLM system for Chalmers Formula Student

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Karlsson, Rikard
Venkatesh, Abhishek
Complex products typically consist of many different parts which need to interact nd function together. In the modern world, the development and verification of arts, sub-assemblies and entire products are done to a large extent with the help f computers. This in turn generates a lot of digital documentation and information which needs to be stored and controlled throughout the life cycle of a product. In rder to keep track of the information, a Product Lifecycle Management, or PLM, system can be used. The study which has been carried out has investigated the current digital documen- ation structure of Chalmers Formula Student, CFS, with the aim of identifying possible areas of improvement and whether the implementation of a specific PLM system could be beneficial for their continued development efforts. Information bout PLM and the aspects related to it has been gathered through a literature eview and served as a basis for the study. Information about the current doc- mentation structure was gathered through interviews with current and previous embers of the CFS team. In an effort to extend the number of viewpoints of PLM, n additional round of interviews were held with professors and engineers with var- ous experience with PLM system. Based on the theoretical framework and the held interviews, it became apparent hat there were potential improvements to be made mainly regarding the aspects f knowledge transfer and finding needed documentation concerning changes made uring the development efforts. The main underlying reasoning was mentioned s lack of time to document properly, last minute changes made without proper pdating and a difficulty of navigating the folder structure. The investigation and evaluation of the benefits of a PLM system resulted in the suggestion of a gradual mplementation, starting with the PLM system being used to manage Computer ided Design, CAD, files.
Product Lifecycle Management, Computer Aided Design, Knowledge transfer, Product Development
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