Knowledge transfer within complex systems: mapping the usability and transferability of in-house training in a large corporation

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Sjöqvist, Alice
Hammare, Julia
In today’s society, organizations strive to develop knowledge that is useful within the work place. In a large corporation, with a lot of employees, standards and complex system in play, there is a need to structure the information that builds up the organization. In light of this, the organization needs inclusion for updates and work methods. The information needs to be spread through out the organization and in order to achieve that transfer, training sessions could be established. This master’s thesis was made in partnership with UNICO Consulting and investi- gates an in-house course implemented at Volvo Cars Corporation. The main focus was to look at the transferability of the course content and how useful the mate- rial is for the participants taking the course. The research questions posed for this master’s thesis objective included what could be done to optimize the training to benefit the needs of Volvo Cars. Moreover, if the literature on learning theories, more specifically transfer of training, corresponds to the way that the training takes place in the organization. Through surveys and observations data was collected from participants who had taken the course and this thesis examined if the answers, and the participants perception of the course, correlated with what the literature states on how organizational development should take place through internal training ini- tiatives. The results show that participants have a good overall experience of the course. The evidence presented in this thesis concludes that a clear objective, definition of the activities and usability are primary factors for engaged learning. In order to provide the organization with training that should create effective knowledge transfer, it is important to have updated material and to receive feedback from both the participants and the organization. What that entails differs form case to case and therefore this thesis suggests how to increase transfer in the organisation, with specific suggestions for the observed course.
knowledge transfer , learning strategies , course evaluation , transfer of training
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