Supplier-Produced CAD - from Enabler to Inhibitor of Successful Virtual Testing

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Balkhammar, Klara
Johansson, Christoffer
Usage of CAD models in product development has increasingly become a more and more important feature for companies to stay competitive. In a collaborative business, the inclusion of suppliers delivering CAD increases the complexity. This thesis investigated why a production company, ACME, is receiving insufficient CAD deliveries from suppliers, even though the issue is known in the company. To support this thesis two research questions were formulated: (1) In what way is the virtual delivery insufficient and according to whom? (2) How do members of ACME and ACME’s suppliers explain why ACME is receiving insufficient virtual deliveries? Interviews were conducted with members of ACME and together with literature research it was suggested that it is the downstream consumers and the receivers of CAD at ACME who experience the insufficiency. Insufficiency is expressed as e.g. incorrect geometrical form or missing material information. Members of ACME and suppliers to ACME express various reasons as potential delivery inhibitors. It was suggested that e.g. difficulties in knowing requirements in an early phase, writing requirements, and following up on them are three potential reasons for receiving insufficient deliveries. As the issue is known in the organization it is discussed how different identified inhibitors can contribute to the insufficient CAD deliveries and how to make a distinction of if some are more critical than others. It is also discussed how motivation and human behaviours are inhibiting solving the problem, and how they also could contribute to finding solutions. As the usage of CAD in testing is a fairly new technique compared to the original testing of physical prototypes, requirements are not fully defined within the ACME organization, and also the different departments are yet to agree in some way as their requirements vary. The usage of CAD models in virtual development is becoming more and more important, hence our recommendation to ACME and researchers is to continue investigating this field.
CAD, Supplier, Organizational learning, Virtual testing
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