Heavy duty exterior casing for navigation systems on truck trailers

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Product development (MPPDE), MSc
Reck, Niklas
Krohn, Kristoffer Zietek
Abstract This report details the development process of a new iteration of a sensor enclosure. The sensor unit is supposed to aid the navigation of trucks with ungainly trailers. These kinds of trucks operate in many harsh environments thus the demand put on such enclosure are particularly high. Besides withstanding the harsh conditions on the road, the enclosure has to endure high pressure water jets and harsh chemicals when the truck is being cleaned. The development of this enclosure uses an already developed prototype as a reference. The goal is to redesign the current enclosure and tailor it toward a casting process for mass production. The main problem to be solved is the designing of a casing that takes the suggested production process into account and supports the intended functions of the sensor unit. The development effort included a pre-study to fully understand the problem at hand, an iterative concept developing process followed by an extensive optimisation process of the included components. To achieve this various product development methods were used together with software such as CATIA V5, ANSYS, CES Edupack. The result of this thesis was a design that meets the demands of the stakeholders whilst improving on the old prototype. Improvements made were a weight reduction of 51% and the assembly process was simplified by replacing many screws with snap joints as the joining method. This made the new design better from a DFA and DFM point of view. A material selection analysis has also been performed where new materials for the enclosure are suggested with performance and environmental aspects taken into consideration. Since this project is part of a much larger development effort the final design will most likely undergo further iteration. However, the findings of this project should aid in future decisions and take the product closer to its market release. Keywords:
Produktion , Innovation och entreprenörskap (nyttiggörande) , Maskinteknik , Production , Innovation & Entrepreneurship , Mechanical Engineering
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