The Success Factors of a Technical Exhibition A study to investigate the design aspects of an exhibition

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Eriksson, Sara
Reinsjö, Amanda
This study was initiated by Göteborgs Tekniska College (Gothenburg’s College of Technology [our translation]) in order to obtain an understanding for how an exhibition involving technology should best be designed in order to inspire and inform adolescents. This thesis was performed as a part of a larger project called Smarta fabriker (Smart Factories [our translation]), a project with the goal to spread knowledge about the future industry. The result of this study will be used to make a decision about the possibility to establish an exhibition related to the topic at a Science Center in Gothenburg. The aim of this study was to understand the relevant aspects for the construction of this exhibition. A research question was formulated to help focus the study, where the factors that contribute to how the visitors experience an exhibition are investigated. Research Question: What factors contribute to if exhibitions involving technology are perceived as interesting by adolescents aged twelve to nineteen years? The result of this study was obtained through triangulation where interviews, observations and a survey are used. The data was then analyzed with affinity diagrams and a quantitative analysis. The results were also complemented with a conceptual framework which provides a background to the thesis as well as gives an input on research previously conducted in the field. This study shows that a number of factors are important to take into account when designing an exhibition, of which the most significant one is to make it interactive. Other factors that also have been identified in this thesis as important to some extent for the experience of an exhibition are: to see something in reality, the staff of the exhibition, to learn something new, to see an application, previous interest, entertainment and interaction with other visitors.
Annan data- och informationsvetenskap, Other Computer and Information Science
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