Transforming the Workshop Visit: Designing a Hassle-Free Service Experience for Lynk & Co Revamping Car Service Customer Experience Through The Development and Analysis of a Serious Game

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master's Thesis
Product development (MPPDE), MSc
Andrén, Eric
Kuang, Ann-Christina
This Master’s thesis navigates the swiftly evolving landscape of the automotive industry, focusing on the transformative implications of customer expectations within the framework of Lynk & Co’s car subscription model. Propelled by considerable technological advance ments and changing customer behaviors, the industry has embraced Car as a Service (CaaS) models, necessitating an increased focus on delivering value across the ownership cycle, especially within service workshops. The research provides a comprehensive mapping of the current customer journey during a Lynk & Co workshop visit, moving on to explore customer expectations of a ’hassle-free’ visit. Critical factors such as convenience, transparent communication, trustworthiness, personalized service, and digital service tracking emerge as defining elements of the an ticipated customer experience. A blend of methodologies, including service development, design thinking, focus group discussions, empathy mapping, Kano analysis, and a uniquely designed serious game simulation, developed in-house, is utilized to facilitate this compre hensive understanding. The established comprehension of customer expectations is evaluated against Lynk & Co’s current service journey, leading to the identification of potential gaps and the formula tion of actionable service improvement recommendations. Following a rigorous analysis of 190 unique customer responses, categorized into 54 statements and consolidated into ten primary categories, these insights shape the final set of recommendations for service enhancement. The thesis culminates by offering concrete steps towards service development or redesigns that align better with these identified customer expectations, underlining the potential for elevating the overall customer experience. Emphasizing a customer-centric perspective, this research serves as a valuable resource for Lynk & Co, offering insights and practical proposals that facilitate service improvement, foster stronger customer relationships, and sustain a competitive edge in a rapidly transforming industry landscape. In conclusion, the thesis underscores the pivotal role of understanding and addressing customer needs in shaping a superior workshop service experience. It points towards the significant potential of iterative service development, guided by customer insights, in keeping pace with the dynamic trends of the automotive industry.
Automotive Industry, Car as a Service (CaaS), Customer Experience, Service Workshop, Customer Journey, Lynk & Co, Service Development, Hassle-free Experience, Serious Game Simulation
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