The Interactive Shopping Window - The Future of Window Shopping

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Nordh, Alexander
Nordh, Joakim
The purpose of a shopping window is to attract attention and interest to the store, hoping to get as many passersby as possible to become new customers or tempt old ones to new purchases. Today, the shopping windows most often have a display consisting of merchandise or services that the store sells. In some cases they take it a step further, adding a digital screen to allow a better display of a larger range of merchandise, with the help of a slideshow of pictures. There is however a limitation to this solution. You can’t control what pictures are shown when a specific individual is passing by the store, thus having the risk of losing a potential customer. We have together with a company named VisioSign explored different solutions on how to add interactivity to the shopping windows, allowing customers to view more specific merchandise or services that the store offers. We aimed to create an interaction that would allow the users to gain as much information as possible in a simple and entertaining manner. Different types of technology for interaction through a glass window were investigated and evaluated with respect to each other. Webcams, Kinect, mobile device connection through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, voice control, and touch screens were considered to be viable solutions. After researching them, we decided on a Wi-Fi connection between the shopping window screen and a mobile device running the Android OS. The main part of the project then revolved around the creation of an interaction between the shopping window screen and the user, using an Android device as the interaction medium. We put much time into designing the interaction, as well as implementing the applications. For communication between the Android device and the shopping window screen, we needed two applications, one server application for the screen, and one client application for the user’s device. Through iterations ending with company tests and feedback, as well as some user tests, we developed and improved the interactions. The final result was two applications allowing the user to browse through categories, save viewable information, and browse webpages on the shopping window screen by the use of his Android device.
Datavetenskap (datalogi) , Computer Science
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