Designing Mobile App for Assisting Refugee Women with Illiteracy and Host Country´s Language Limitation to Reach Self-Actualization

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Helen Poetri, Yoga Hadisoeseno
This master thesis report presents the guideline for designing mobile application solution for refugee and asylum seeker, especially the women, who are illiterate and cannot speak host country´s language fluently, in this case, Swedish language. This report includes the process behind the definition of the guideline, which is derived from the design process of Hello! App which is a mobile app for assisting female refugee and asylum seeker with illiteracy and host country´s language limitation to reach self-actualization, that has been done during the master thesis period. In the process, iterative Design thinking and User-Centered Design have been used, together with Social Research rules, Universal Design principles and Interaction Design methods. The main stakeholder of this project is female refugee and asylum seeker who are illiterate and cannot speak Swedish fluently. The goal of this project is to design a mobile application to assist these women in reaching self-actualization. The report starts with the introduction, related theory and methodology. Thoroughly, the process of the project, the evaluation and the result are described. From the insights of the process and product evaluation, guidelines and factors that should be considered when designing mobile application for the target user, were derived. The list of guidelines are presented in the last part of the result section, followed by a discussion. The purpose of this master thesis report is to contribute to further research within the are of Interaction Design and Technologies in improving accessibility and user experience of mobile application for refugee and asylum seekers who are illiterate and/or cannot speak host country´s language fluently, especially the women. The guideline is created to help designers, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and any individuals who want to create mobile app solutions to improve lives of these target users and for those who share similar characteristics.
Refugee women, asylum seeker, women, self-actualization, illiteracy, language limitation, mobile application, social innovation
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