The Intelligent Mobile Office for IT-support on Large Onshore Plants - An ethnographic research searching for solutions that will do the process plants in the oil and gas industry more intelligent in the future

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Linger, Camilla
The oil and gas industry is a large industry in the world and the oil and gas industry has a history, since 347 A.D. The oil and gas industry generates a lot of money and has been a reason for world conflicts. Many people associate the oil and gas industry with high risk, hazardous working environments. Plant employees receive generous remuneration because of this inherent risk. One of StatoilHydro’s goals for many years is to have zero accidents and damages at their plants. Research is being carried out to towards meeting this goal, with some results already implemented. Since 2006, StatoilHydro has run a large research project in “Integrated Operation (IO)”. One of the sub-projects is “wireless communication and wireless sensors” which also includes research in “intelligent environments”. “Intelligent environments” is a quite a new and interesting concept. The purpose of this research is to explore if a process plant can be made more intelligent and how this might be accomplished? During the investigation stage, semi standardised interviews were hold with nine persons who work with different working tasks in StatoilHydro, two seminaries were visited and participant observations were done during 8 days at Tjeldbergodden, divided in 3 periods. From this data ideas were generated. One of the ideas was of more interest to StatoilHydro, which was consequently analysed in depth. This idea was to increase the use of the cars which the operators at onshore plants use for transport. Thus, this research enters the subject of mobile ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and will answer the questions: What will a mobile office in a car look like? How can the car as a mobile office (with mobile devices) be of assistance to the operators, especially in geographically distributed onshore well and processing facilities? How will the car as a mobile office influence the safety level at the plants? A detailed study was done for one potential use scenario, examining, how the car as mobile office might improve in the W.P (work permit) process. The result of the research was that plants can be done more intelligent using the ideas and findings which are presented in this paper. To have the possibility to implement a mobile office in cars at onshore plants, the plants first need to a get wireless network solution. A mobile office will generate lot of benefits to the operators at the plants, the greatest one will probably be time saving (less unnecessary travels). This paper will present how the research was conducted, to answer the research question ”How can a process plant be made more intelligent?”, its results, as well as background information regarding the oil and gas industry, intelligent environments and wireless technologies.
Information Technology , Informationsteknik
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