Simulering av vindkraftverk och närliggande elnät vid Risholmen i Göteborg i SimPowerSystems

Examensarbete för kandidatexamen
Bachelor Thesis
Isaksson, Cecilia
Macken, Martin
With background in the rapidly growing need to find solutions for sustainable energy production and the increasing interest for wind power, this report was written. With take-off point from the wind power plant Big Glenn, which has been built in the harbour of Gothenburg, a model of the adjacent power grid has been created in Simulink/SimPowerSystems. Parameters for the power grid and its components has been provided by Göteborg Energi Nät, that has also been the supplier of measurement data of produced power, the power need from loads in the vicinity, voltage levels, current values and also the variation of power factor at the wind power plant. The SimPowerSystems model has been used to perform simulations of power flow in the grid. These simulated values have then been compared to the measured values to verify the functionality of the model. Further, the model has been used to perform simulations of a grid fault, which causes a voltage drop. Studies have been carried out whether the production of reactive power from the wind power plant could be of any use to help mitigate the problem the fault brings. Conclusions drawn from the simulations are that the model worked as expected. Evaluations showed that the wind power plant was of very little help compensate when a fault occurred. Although, it is of great importance to remember that the simulated faults was in a close range of the wind power plant and therefore the impedance between the source and the fault was to low which resulted in large fault currents. With great probability the results would have been different if the fault had occurred at a more distant place in the power grid. Apart from the above described features this report also includes some fundamental theory concerning harvesting energy from the wind, how a wind power plant is constructed, power electronics, and also a description of the part of the power grid that has been modelled and the measurements carried out. A part of the report also discuss SimPowerSystems, how it works, descriptions of the blocks that has been used in the model and how they function, and also a short review of how well the software fitted the purpose.
Elkraftteknik , Electric power engineering
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