Master Theses Collection

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A Methodology to Validate Compliance to the GDPREkdahl, Axel; Nyman, Lídia
2018Exploring the Criticality and Impact of DevOps PracticesARVEDAHL, MARTIN; ÅKERSTEN, CHRISTOPHER
2019A chatbot-based graphical user interface for hospitalized patients: Empowering hospitalized patients with a patient-centered user experience and features for self-service in a bedside tabletLEVIN, JOHAN
2019Investigating the design factors for a voice UI in a Workforce Management softwareMEYER, WIEBKE
2019Extending Sports Broadcasts: Designing a Second Screen Interface for Live Sports BroadcastsKARLSSON, ALEXANDER; JOHANSSON, MATTIAS
2019Designing navigation in smart speakers: Guidelines for designing a voice user interface for navigating radio content using a smart speakerLORIN, PAULINE; THORSAGER, LINN
2019Designing for dialogue: The challenges of facilitating online civil dialogue for the urban planning processPERSSON, ISAK; HENRIK, TRAN
2019Culture and Website: User experience in website redesign based on cultural differencesYang, Zihua
2019Convas: Guidelines for Gamifying Learning Management SystemsHAGE, JOHAN; WILLMAN, OSKAR
2019Designing applications for enhanced experienced atmosphere: Guidelines for design of smartphone applications applied to user experiences in the physical dimensionAHLQVIST, DANIEL; ANDERSSON, RASMUS
2019Improved Infection Control Reporting through Interactive Data VisualisationHORPPU, MATILDA
2019Designing Driver Assistance for Racing Games: Guidelines for creating driver assistance for aiding less experienced playersORELL, JENNY; UDDEBORG, ULRIKA
2019Emotional driving in AI-powered Cars; Driver and traffic safety. Emotion tracking and route prediction, alongside rewarding and education for good driving behaviour.Wachter, Florian
2019Designing Mobile App for Assisting Refugee Women with Illiteracy and Host Country´s Language Limitation to Reach Self-ActualizationHelen Poetri, Yoga Hadisoeseno
2019The Impact of Adopting Continuous Integration on the Delivery Time of Pull Requests: A Partial Replication and ExtensionGUO, YUNFANG
2018Migrating and Evolving Software Product Lines: An Industrial Case Study of Feature Location and Visualization TechniquesANDAM, BERIMA KWEKU
2019Semi-Automatic Software Security Model Extraction: Semi-Automatic Extraction of Security Relevant Information from Source Code for Formally Based Security ModelsFARHAND, NEDA
2019Empirical Analysis of Hidden Technical Debt Patterns in Machine Learning SoftwareALAHDAB, MOHANNAD
2019Designing in-vehicle voice assistants: Creating safer, integrated driver experiencesNGUYEN, CONNIE (KHANH); FALKENGREN, WILLIAM
2019Using OpenAPI 3 Specifications of the 5G Core to Generate Validators in ErlangDONATO, DAVIDE; QIN, HEYU
Items (sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1155