Bluetooth remote control for Volvo Construction Equipment and Volvo Penta

Examensarbete på grundnivå

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dc.contributor.authorFridh, Tobias-
dc.contributor.authorWikman, Ida-
dc.contributor.departmentChalmers tekniska högskola / Institutionen för industri- och materialvetenskapsv
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this project is to develop a remote control for Volvo Co-Pilot, to increase the safety for the operator by enabling operation of the system without raising the hands from the steering device. Volvo Co-Pilot is a state-of-the-art touch screen tablet, which by using on-board machine data and high-precision sensors makes it easier to complete tasks, such as digging a trench for an excavator or loading a truck with material for a wheel loader. To enable operation directly from the steering device this project aims to develop a bracket and a remote control for Volvo Co-Pilot, which can be fitted onto the steering devices for the excavator, wheel loader and dumper. An excavator is a construction vehicle designed to dig out earth with its bucket and can either be four wheeled or equipped with crawlers, a wheel loader is a four wheeled machine equipped with a front mounted bucket, mainly used to load loose materials and a dumper is a six wheeled machine designed to carry bulk material. The remote control will be optional for the operator, which means that the remote control has to be suitable for retrofitting. Since the remote control can be used in different vehicles with different applications, the needed functions will vary, therefore the operators should be able to define the functions of the remote control by themselves. The project started with a research of ergonomics, Volvo Co-Pilot and patents that could be used as inspiration for this product. Which followed by idea generation, concept generation and elimination of concepts that did not meet the requirements, were not realizable or clearly worse than other. The concepts that had passed the eliminations were made into clay models. These models were brought to the clients for test to narrow down the number of concepts to one concept for each steering device. The design of the remaining concepts were then completed in CAD, the CAD models were then 3D printed to enable more tests with the clients. This project resulted in one bracket each for one excavator joystick, two joysticks for the wheel loader and the dumper steering wheel and in one mutual remote control, which were all displayed on the cover of this
dc.subjectRemote control, Bracket, Excavator, Wheel loader, Dumper, Volvo Co-Pilotsv
dc.titleBluetooth remote control for Volvo Construction Equipment and Volvo Pentasv
dc.type.degreeExamensarbete på grundnivåsv
dc.contributor.examinerGustafsson, Göran-
dc.contributor.supervisorStanikowski, Adrian-
Collection:Examensarbeten på grundnivå // Basic Level Theses

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