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2022Fatigue impact of residual stresses from manufacturing processesTegnemyr, Klas
2022A Method for Predicting Fatigue in Notches Utilizing CAE and the Theory of Critical DistancesHöglind, William; Lundin, Simon
2022FEM Simulation of Acoustic Radiation from Electric Drivelines in Heavy TrucksStoyanova, Monika
2022Sub-Assemblies Correlation of a BIW Architecture: Global Modes and Main Transfer FunctionsSjödin, Wilhelm
2022Redesign of dummy impact system testAnand, Nitin Davangere; Kareti, Priyatham Reddy
2022Implementation of vehicle model in GT-Suite for energy efficiency studiesTheodoropoulos, Leonidas; Chithaluri, Srikar
2022Development and optimization of climate- and energy related models in electromobility using thermal comfort and CFDLöseth, Ola
2022Real Driving Emissions, comparison between Ethanol (E85) and Gasoline fuelsPascariu, Cosmin Constantin; Gudihal, Vinay Vilas
2022Correlation between pollution levels and city design: How different building and vegetation scenarios affect air pollution at Fabriksgatan, Gothenburg — for different wind configurations and emission scenariosEmelie, Johansson
2021Joystick With Haptic Feedback for Vehicle ManeuveringGustafsson, Eric; Persson, Jonathan
2022Development of 1D Numerical Framework for Laser Induced CavitationJabberi, Khalil
2022Aerodynamic study of vehicle mounted cargo boxes: A comparative study between roof boxes and tow bar mounted cargo boxes using CFDSandberg, Marcus
20213-D object tracking through the use of a single camera and the motion of a driverless carOvnell, Andreas
2021Lean DevOps for automotive OEMsJuric, Antonio
2022A PANS implementation of k-omega SST turbulence modelSubramanya, Skanda
2022Investigation on RANS prediction of propeller induced pressure pulses and sheet-tip cavitation interactions in behind hull conditionsEloho, Kelvin Elo-Oghene
2022A further development of tank for oyster productionRen, Haoyuan
2021Automated semantic grammar generation in dialogue-based task-oriented systemsTriantafyllou, Georgios
2022Model data flow and collection from VDR for close-quarter situational analyses and collision avoidanceDandu Basappa, Rithvik
2021Fluid Structure Interaction of hydrofoilsFarousi, Ali; Myrheim Ebbesson, Fabian