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2022Changing business direction towards a more industrialized approach using modular constructionQuach, Shui Kwong
2022Barriers in the way of implementing lean construction in the UAE: potential solutions from the Swedish contextWajahat, Ali
2022Municipalities' development to ensure environmentally sustainable procurementKarlsson, Viktor; Wallin, Jonathan
2022Reuse of structural CLT elements: Assessing the impact of inter-element joint solutions on the reuse potential and environmental impact of a load-bearing wall panelLjunge, Jonna; Nerhed Silfverhjelm, Helena
2022Assessment of rainwater runoff using the Rational Method and its applications - Applied to rural case studies in Ockelbo, Sweden, affected by the extreme rain event in Gävleborg county of August 2021Dristig, Annie; Välikangas, Elin
2022Sensitivity analysis of clogged stormwater inlets in a 1D-2D hydrodynamic stormwater model - Case study of UppsalaEngström Gustafsson, Rebecka; Pålsson, Johanna
2022Implementation of Digital Tools in Construction - Digital Maturity and TransformationARRHENIUS, Linnea; LINELL, Martin
2022Alternative Methods for Quick-Clay MappingSundström, Lisa; Waerme, Alexander
2022Assessment of Anchor Forces for a Drilled Pile Wall - An evaluation of the correlation between measured anchor forces, analytical calculations and numerical simulationsEriksson, Jonas; Thulin, Elin
2022Investigation on Working Platforms for Tracked Plant - A full scale field study to evaluate the performance of different working platform reinforcementsMALMROS, ELLINOR; RINGDAHL, MATHILDA
2022Analysis of force and strain distribution in soil and concrete tunnel due to a planar rock movementGHAFFARIAN MAHDOODI, Mostafa; MATHEW, Sion
2022Disconnected piled raft in Gothenburg clay - A feasibility study of disconnected piled raft in large depth of clayNorén, Fredrik
2022Unconventional support assessment for mines in sedimentary bedrock - Applicability of rock classification systems in horizontally bedded sandstoneManell Detlofsson, Julius; Boberg, John
2022Hydraulic Impact of Vegetation on the Stability of Shallow Clay Slopes Nature Based Solutions for Mitigation of Erosion in Göta ÄlvMargenberg, Maria; Persson, Axel
2022Design of reinforced shotcrete arches in rock tunneling projects - A literature and case study that aims to illustrate the complexity of designing reinforced steel rebar shotcrete archesMarklund, Simon
2022Study on improved neutral plane analysis of deep foundation for lightweight buildings on soft soil - Raft foundation on timber piles for 3-5 levels buildingAfanassieva Sundberg, Tatjana
2022Effects of Lime-Cement Column Characteristics on the Performance of an Embankment on Soft Clay - An Analysis Using Volume Averaging Technique in Plaxis 2DOLOFSSON HOFFMANN, Kristin; HÖJER, Elin
2022A numerical study on the thermo-mechanical behaviour of Gothenburg clayALASFAR, Iyas
2022Economical Optimization of Reversible Lane Systems - A study of modeling and optimizing the economic aspects of reversible lane systems in GothenburgSundeen, Johannes
2022Methodology for Hydrogeological Risk Management of Drilled Steel Pipe Piles - A Case Study of Packhuskajen, GothenburgAlkemark, Clara; Christoffersson, Julia