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2019Life cycle assessment of nickel-rich lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles A comparatative LCA between the cathode chemistries NMC 333 and NMC 622Lewrén, Adam
2019How to develop innovation capability through employees in a large organizationGabrielsson, Jonathan; Svenstam, Alexander
2019Enabling Effective ISO 9000 Adoption through Employee Early Involvement A study of a construction company undergoing an ISO 9000 adoptionRehnberg, Johannes; Rydberg, Johan
2019Analysis of Large-Scale agile Transformation Gap-Analysis of Volvo Car’s outlook concerning Large-Scale AgileKabir, Jazib; Mahmood, Rashid
2019Intra-organisational communication problemsAbdullah Kader, Hejwa; Johannesson, Hermann
2019Facilitating the implementation of new circular economy practices in higher education institutesWuyts, Wendy
2019Knowledge management in a business model transitioning consultancy firmHelmer, Fundin; Emil, Mattsson
2019The untapped potential of CSRAzcarate, Isabel; Enlund, Jonas
2019The role of design thinking in managing organizational changeSubaciute, Erika; Rao, Janaki Raghavendra
2019Manufacturing cost modelling and analysis for a Startup The case of 10MDManjunath, Vishnu; Joshi, Vyshak
2019Business Model Implications of Technology in the U.S. Coffee Shop IndustryÖngener, Efe Mert; Özkurt, Besen
2019Lean Startup – A Practical Evaluation of a Vacation Home Renting ServiceRichard, Dykes; Erik, Abrahamsson
2019Tier N Quality Assurance ManagementPadhi, Pritam Kumar; Deshpande, Ketan Paresh
2019Making the planet healthy again An investigation of technology as a tool for creating value for natureJohansson, Sanna; Vånder, Frida
2019At the end of the road: is there life after rolling? Life cycle assessment of the impacts of different end of life treatments of tyresAnchustegui, Pedro; Pasakopoulos, Efstathios
2019Utilization of Blockchain technologies for enhanced transparency and traceability in the Supply ChainFohlin, Erik; Ysberg, Johan
2019Selection and Visualization of Key Performance Indicators in Product DevelopmentRamprasad, Vishvajith
2019Holistic perspective for enhancing the effectiveness of KPIs A case of Volvo groupBALIHALLI, DEEPAK; UMESH BHUSHI, NIKHITA
2019Drivers and barriers for a modal shift from road to maritime transportation within construction logisticsErik, Insgård; John, Skoglund
2019Utilization of Blockchain technologies for enhanced transparency and traceability in the Supply ChainErik, Fohlin; Johan, Ysberg