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2021Organic Growth Strategy for Company Alpha. Strategies in the field of abatement of airborne emissionsAndersson, Emanuel; Kardell, Kasper
2021Data as an Intellectual Asset. A study of how data assets drive value for digital-born companies and industrial companies undergoing digital transformationFransson, Michelle; Sadriu, Marta
2021How Patent Litigation Impacts Firm Values. An Event Study of Market Effects on Swedish Listed Firms in Global LitigationsDarrhult, Gustav; Eklund, Filip
2021The Bumpy Road to Biodiversity Management for Apparel Companies The Case of Nudie JeansPhan, Nhu Anh
2021An Investigation of the Market Potential for Connected CTG Telemonitoring Solutions in Health Care Systems - The Case of Antenatal Care SettingKangefjärd, Sara
2021The Role of Venture Capital in Innovation Systems - A Case Study Comparing the Possible Risks and Rewards for Volvo Group Venture Capital Between Initiating Investments in China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and TaiwanNorrby, Charlotte; Åslund, Sofia
2021Investigating Augmented Reality’s Potential Disruptiveness - A Case Study On Combining Disruptiveness With Aspects of Di usion at MixtiveOlivegren, Adam; Frodell, Hampus
2021Increasing security in a vulnerable area of Gothenburg - A case study of improving the perceived and actual security in public spaces, using CPTED in south-east TynneredLindqvist, Johan; Åkesson, Adam
2021The implications of Information Technology for Demand Management transitions - A case study of a consumer electronics supply chainHermelin Engberg, Erik; Ivarson, Axel
2021The future of farming and agricultural practices in Western Italian AlpsMonzani, Simona
2020The Human Centric Aspect of Agile MaturityBalaji, Ramkumar; Gattam, Sarath Kumar
2021Filling the gap between customers’ expectations and inland transportation services - A QFD approachSvanberg, Joakim; Gunnarsson, Arwid
2021The development of scenario analysis tools to help IKEA set and follow up climate footprint goalsBernhard, Marcus
2021Assessing Brand Equity and Perception of a Lighting Company Brand A case study of a lighting companySchöön, Emma; Thai, Gia
2021Servitization to promote a circular economy The case of the Swedish process industryHagberg, Hugo; Magnusson, Joel
2021Closing the Loop: Adapting a Circular Business Model for IKEA TaiwanEnglund, Adam; Börjesson Hanson, ARrvid
2021The increased value of lastmile logistics in the e-commerce value chain - The perspective of logistics actors on the Swedish marketLavestål, Philip; Hammarstedt, Carl-Johan
2021A Life Cycle Assessment of ABB Process Industries’ mine hoist systemHjelm, Axel; Ström, Fredrik
2021Evaluation of Agile Team PerformanceLaussen, Johanna; Sutanovac, Angelina
2021Sustainable Sourcing of Indigenous West-African Seed-oils for Personal Care Applications A case study on the supply chains of baobab and sheaJensen, Tove; Ahlborg Delvin, Kristine