Management of Containers by the Use of Automatic Cranes- New Handling Method

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Maritime management (MPMAR), MSc
Jasim, Jamil Hassan
The sea-born trade represents the greatest proportion of the international trade activities, almost 90% of world freight cargoes being carried by sea. This high rate is normally accompanied by regenerating problems. To master the challenges of the steady growth of overcrowding and congestion issues in the world's major ports, we need to maintain a stable balance between supply chain components within maritime transportation. That required overcoming the disparity in performance between the various stages of productivity operations. One of these stages is the stacking yard in the container terminals which suffers from the unintended waste of time. In this research, we are trying to identify the potential causes for this issue. This study does not aim to reinvent the wheel, but to uncover the hidden advantages of the concept of AS/RS in the maritime domain. This concept did not gain its fair share of the tremendous quantity of technical applications. We find it will be of interest to shed some light on this issue from the different point of view by highlighting the non-value added time steps. Especially if it could be done with means at hand and circumstances as they are. The purpose of this research is to highlight the importance of filling the gap between the more efficient mega- ship that use more sophisticated technologies and the performance of the end station of its journey; the port, by finding effective solutions to reduce the time problems arising during the operations within the superior ports, the container terminals which in turn will reduce the cost. Three materials used to produce this study are the statistical tools, literature reviews and one of the most advanced graphic computer software, the 3ds Max®. As a result, the study shows clearly that the causes are a bunch of unnecessary steps leads to time losing.
Transport , Övrig industriell teknik och ekonomi , Transport , Other industrial engineering and economics
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