Design of Tall Timber Buildings in Scandinavia and Canada – A Comparison Study

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Olsson, Oskar
Scandinavia and Canada are two places with many forests and benefit from the sustainable change where timber is becoming more and more relevant, even when designing tall buildings where steel and concrete have been and still are the dominant material to use. This thesis compares the building and design practices for tall timber buildings in Scandinavia and Canada. This will be done in three parts. Firstly will be a literature study to understand the main design criteria for designing tall timber buildings and how it differs between the two places. Secondly, a questionnaire where experts in Scandinavia and Canada are asked about their thoughts on the design process of tall timber buildings. Lastly, two models will be created using the program ANSYS, one representing Mjøstårnet and one representing Brock Commons. These models will be analyzed to understand better how a timber design from Scandinavia differs from one in Canada, especially regarding the seismic load, which is not considered in Scandinavia. The results from these parts are that the design process for tall timber buildings is similar in Scandinavia and Canada but with some differences, especially regarding fire design, where Canada is more conservative than Scandinavia, and seismic design, which is not considered in Scandinavia. The computer models show that having a hybrid solution like Brock Commons creates a better design than the all timber solution found in Mjøstårnet and how the lateral load like wind and seismic becomes an obstacle for tall timber buildings. Therefore, a hybrid solution is an excellent solution to make the design easier to comply with codes and regulations. Some results indicate that having a total timber solution like Mjøstårnet could be a possible seismic design for a tall timber building, but it would need to have a different shape than Mjøstårnet
Timber engineering, structural systems, tall timber buildings, fire design, seismic design, frequency analysis
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