Customer segmentation in services based on characteristics A study at AstaZero

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Quality and operations management (MPQOM), MSc
Background For service companies, it is essential to deliver good customer service to stay competitive out in the market. Customer needs are changing over time and there are different needs for different customer groups. Companies of today are in constant need of figuring out new ways to keep their customers loyal and at the same time keep up with their competitors. Because of different needs and different type of customers it is important for companies to be aware of their different customer groups. A customer segmentation can be done to differentiate customers from each other. By making a customer segmentation, customers can be divided into different groups based on different characteristics and they can be distinguished from each other. This enable companies to easier meet the customer needs and use different marketing strategies for different customers. Where this study focuses on the issue of customer segmentation in services. Problem description Customers are of different character and have different needs. Therefore, it is not optimal to have same strategy and marketing for every customer. For a company, it is important to segment their customers and identify the differences between the customer segments to easier meet the customer needs and take care of those customers who are of high importance for the company. Problem description at the chosen company AstaZero is a service providing company in the automotive industry, who sees an interest of a segmenting their customers for further development. Because of a high demand on their services and high customer variation it has become difficult for the company to know which customers to prioritize and how the customer groups differ. Purpose The purpose with the project was to examine how a service based company can segment their customers based on their different characteristics. 7 Methodology For the study, different methods have been used to collect data. • Literature study – The purpose of the literature study was to collect knowledge about data related to the research questions furthermore, strengthen the report and explain the theory behind customer segmentation. • Interviews – were held with AstaZeros employees to collect data and get an insight of how the company work. The chosen people who were interviewed had different positions within the company. • Questionnaire – were sent out to customers to collect data from the customer perspective. Analysis The purpose of this study was to investigate how a service company can segment their customers based on characteristics. A segmentation of AstaZero´s customers has been done where two main customer segment groups has been founded where differences between the two customer segments has been identified.
Övrig industriell teknik och ekonomi , Other industrial engineering and economics
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