Undersökning om smarttelefon kan indikera glaukom

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Gustavsson, Oskar
Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes damages to the optic nerve and can lead to blindness if left untreated. When the disease is discovered it has often already caused great damages to the affected eye. This is because the damage develops so slowly that it is not noticed until it is too late. The purpose of this project is to investigate if it is possible to indicate glaucoma using only a smartphone. It continues the work of an earlier project with the same purpose, where test to indicate glaucoma was being developed but never able to finish. The project was performed on Chalmers University of Technology and continued the development of the Android application created in the earlier project, where work on a perimetry test and a pupil reaction test had started. The purpose of the perimetry test was to find blind spots in the central vision field and the pupil reaction tests purpose is to compare the pupil reactions to stimulation with light. The perimetry test was dropped after conversation with an experienced doctor showed that it would not be able to produce reliable results. The perimetry test was instead replaced by a new test, a color difference test. The color difference test checks how colors are perceived in the central visual field to find damages on the light sensitive cells in the eye. The pupil reaction test never reached a stage where it produced reliable results and was therefore never tested but a simple version of the color difference test could be developed and tested on a group of ten people both with and without visual defects. A person suffering from glaucoma and presbyopia (inability to focus on close distances) along with one person with colorblindness was given positive results while the rest of the group was given negative results. The results showed that a smartphone could likely be used to indicate symptoms of glaucoma. The test should only be seen as an indicator for disease and more tests should be performed to confirm the possible defects.
Data- och informationsvetenskap , Computer and Information Science
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