Laser welded Corrugated Core Steel Sandwich Panels for short-span bridge application

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Structural engineering and building technology (MPSEB), MSc
Libell, Anna
Lassing, Hanna
With the environmental changes, there is a large focus on finding bridge deck solutions that are material efficient. Laser welded Corrugated Core Steel Sandwich Panels (CCSSPs) is a promising solution due to its high stiffness to mass ratio. It is of interest to investigate if CCSSPs can be used as a bridge deck for simply supported short-span bridges. This thesis aims to investigate how different cross section parameters influence the behaviour of a CCSSP used as a simply supported bridge deck for short-span bridges and the feasibility of these panels with this purpose. A laser welded CCSSP is a Steel Sandwich Panel consisting of two face plates on each side of a corrugated core. At all positions where the core meets the face plates there are two weld lines. In welded steel structures, fatigue is a common failure mode. A method for checking the fatigue life of the CCSSP bridge deck verified. Another crucial aspect of CCSSPs is the risk of buckling of the top plate in the field between each weld pair due to biaxial compression from patch loads. Eurocode’s Reduced Stress Method (RSM) is verified as a way to check the capacity of the CCSSP with respect to buckling. Using the FE-analysis software BRIGADE/Plus with Python scripting a design program for a simply supported short-span CCSSP bridge deck is created. Using the design program, a parametric study is performed for the CCSSP bridge deck. Resolution IV Fractional Factorial Design is used to perform the study. The results of the parametric study show that the Utilization Ratio (UR) of the investigated CCSSP with respect to deflection in SLS is decreased with an increased cross section height and a decreased cell width. They also show that the UR of the CCSSP with respect to the Von Mises stress in the welds in ULS is decreased with a decreased cell width and an increased weld size. The thesis also concludes that local effects from patch loading is highly dominant for the CCSSP. Keywords:
BRIGADE/Plus , Corrugated Core Steel Sandwich Panels , Eurocode , Fractional Factorial Design , Laser welding , Reduced Stress Method
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