A museum: for the sculptures of Ilhan Koman

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Koman, Elvira
The experience of architecture is an experience of many layers; it is subjective and connected to its surrounding and it is perceived through all our senses. The intention is for the thesis to answer the research question with a building that interacts with both its surrounding, its content and its user. The investigation is made through research by design and the thesis is tested through a building proposal of a museum for the sculptures of Ilhan Koman. Since the sculptures are such a big part of the experience of the building, they are considered part of the context. A pre-study has been made during the autumn investigating the sculptures and their relation to space and atmosphere. The pre-study is a foundation and guidance for the design of the museum. The work is executed by iterations, physical models, and visualizations as guiding tools throughout the process and with several study visits to building references used for a deeper understanding of architecture in connection to the thesis’ theme atmosphere. The theoretical framework derives from the phenomenological perspective of architecture. With Peter Zumthor, Johan Pallasmaa and Adam Caruso as references for understanding the theoretical concepts of atmosphere and architectural sensations, the aim is for the project to explore materiality and detail and its meaning for the building and how it is experienced. The percieved simplicity of the building is meant to enhance an awareness of the physical presence of both the sculptures and the architecture. If they can communicate with each other and speak to us so that we can project meaning to its existence, they can become part of the context and enhance the atmospheric presence of the place. Research questions: How can architecture be created with atmospheric presence? Atmospheric presence meaning an architectural sensation created not by formalistic concept, but through an experience by the human senses created by place, material, detail and light.
Atmosphere, presence, museum, sculpture
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