Designing the Next-Generation Water Faucet with focus on Sustainability and Efficiency

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master's Thesis
Industrial design engineering (MPDES), MSc
Tahric, Denis
The present study was brought out to design a next generation water faucet concept that has an integrated heat exchanger from Bättre Design. Having integrated heating in the water faucet implies a more energy and water efficient solution. The main reasons for this are because of the efficient heat transfer the heat exchanger provides and the fact that it eliminates the need of having to store large amounts of hot water in tanks as it heats the required water in real time (Dybeck, 2023). To be able to implement this type of faucet in people’s household bathrooms, research was done on the interactional process between humans and water faucets. Identifying what factors had an impact on the overall user satisfaction was crucial in trying to get people to implement a more water conservative behavior at the sink. Research and observations of users interacting with different types of water faucets resulted in identifying that a faucet design should be deemed as Creative, Minimalistic, Modern, Intuitive and Unique to be considered an attractive solution. These keywords were considered throughout the project to be able to develop a faucet that promotes behavior change. The project resulted in developing a water faucet that combines functions of physical and touchless activation of water flow, provides additional control of temperature and water flow and enables easy interchangeability of top parts of the design. The combination of the chosen functions was deemed to intrigue a variety of users which results in easing them into adapting a more water conservative behavior in their household bathrooms. Providing the option for users to choose how to perform different tasks at the sink implied great flexibility and adjustability. The developed faucet was received well by users in terms of Minimalism, Creativity, Uniqueness, intuitiveness and Modernity. The expressions that got the highest score from users were Modernity and Minimalism due to its great balance between many features and simple design. To be able to validate the concept further it would need to be produced and tested by users to provide insights on the actual user satisfaction and whether the faucet manages to change people's behavior at the sink or not.
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