Automation of Test Steps

Examensarbete på kandidatnivå
Ceric, Dennis
Fazlagic, Edvin
Automation is a relevant topic in this day and age for the telecommunication industry. The purpose of this thesis was to analyze the current production flow of a tuned microwave diplexer filter at Ericsson AB, then identify possible automated solutions of the current manual filter tuning steps, as a proof of concept. Practical studies were done to analyze how all the current manual filter tuning steps were done. After all the steps were analyzed, the filter tuning steps that should be automated were clarified. Thereafter, three possible solutions were being worked on but one solution was scrapped early. The first solution being based on potentiometer controlled servo motors connected to the tuning elements of the filter, where the operator can tune a filter with potentiometers instead of manual screw drivers. This solution was further illustrated by presenting sketches of potentiometer controlled servo motors with the help of Arduino. The second solution being an AI-based robotic solution, where research was conducted on what types of solution exist today and what needs to be done in order to develop this solution. The last solution that got scrapped was based on recording the operator's screwing movement, thereafter implementing the recorded data in a robot who would execute the exact same movements. All the benefits and potential drawbacks were brought up for the proposed solutions, from a cost and quality perspective, as well as identifying which steps the proposed solutions can automate. From a short term perspective, the potentiometer based solution is the best to implement as an inexpensive and quick solution. However, as a long term solution, the AI-based solution is definitely worth investing time to work on, in order to reach full automation of all the manual steps to save time and money.
automation, filter tuning, microwave filters, artificial intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy logic, vector network analyzer, servo motor, potentiometer, arduino
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