The impact of specific stormwater discharges on recipients - Detailed development planning and environmental quality standards

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Infrastructure and environmental engineering (MPIEE), MSc
Larsson, Klara
Pettersson, Johanna
Stormwater poses a challenge with regards to urban expansion and the increase of impervious surfaces, resulting in pollution of receiving waters. The Water Framework Directive was adopted in the year of 2000 to tackle these issues. Sweden has adopted the Directive by developing Environmental Quality Standards for water bodies. The work with reaching and maintaining good status in all water bodies affects detailed development planning and its involved parties. In this study, the challenges concerning assessing the impact from stormwater discharges on the recipient when detailed development planning have been evaluated. A case study and an interview study were conducted in this project. The traditional stormwater assessment approach was evaluated using the modelling tools StormTac Web and MIKE Urban+. The area Gröna Dalen located in Upplands-Bro was used as a case study area. The area was evaluated by comparing the influence of different land use division choices, assessing its contribution to the annual stormwater pollutant load compared to the surrounding watershed area and by examining the possibility of developing site-specific guidelines. Results from StormTac showed that the land use division has a significant impact on the resulting stormwater pollution. The results also showed that the contribution of stormwater pollutant load from a delimited area compared to the entire watershed area was quite small, and that in order to develop proper site-specific guidelines, more input data would be required. Results from MIKE Urban+ were similar to StormTac results. The main impediment to stormwater quality modelling in detailed development planning was deemed to be lack of input data. However, there is an interest among concerned parties considering implementation of advanced modelling of stormwater pollution. The interview study was intended to compile the perspectives of parties concerned with stormwater quality assessments in detailed development planning. It included seven interviews. Results from the interviews showed that an array of difficulties are experienced by the requested parties. Overall, a need for increased timeframe and budget for consultants is required. Also, continued knowledge building and enhanced communication between parties are needed. Furthermore, it was deemed difficult and resource-intensive to develop general guidelines for stormwater quality in terms of discharging concentrations of stormwater pollutants.
Detailed development planning , Environmental quality standards , MIKE Urban+ , StormTac Web , Stormwater modelling , Stormwater pollution , Water Framework Directive , Water management , Weser verdict
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