Purchasing and supply organisation during post-merger phase The path towards resilience and harmony

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master's Thesis
Supply chain management (MPSCM), MSc
Hawerman, Andreas
Lidhammar, Martin
During the last couple of years, companies in various industries have been forced to handle significant disruptions in their supply chains. This has affected the various functions within firms in different ways, where the purchasing functions, which is the scope of this thesis, have been forced to handle a troubled supplier base. One of the industries particularly affected by disruptions was the electronic industry. The industry is also growing due to the world becoming more interconnected. These factors have led to companies pursuing acquisitions in order to position themselves inside this growing industry. Thus, capturing the potential value of an acquisition requires the implementation of a successful integration process involving various functions such as purchasing, production and R&D. This integration process can be additionally challenging to manage due to firms, as a result of the recent years of disruptions, also strives to increase the supply chain resilience. The purpose of the thesis has been to explore how a purchasing function at a firm in the electronic industry, in a post-merger phase, can contribute to the creation of resilience within the supply organisation. The purpose was fulfilled by a qualitative research design where a single case study was conducted. The chosen case company consisted of an industrial electronic manufacturing that recently has experienced shortages, in addition to, having conducted three acquisitions. The data collection process consisted of semi-structured interviews that were done at the parent com- pany and at the subsidiaries. For the data analysis process a thematic analysis approach was, which consisted of provisional coding. The set of codes originated from a developed framework, which described factors that is important to consider when organising a purchasing function for resilience. The empirical findings showed that there exists both external and internal factors, in addition to a moderator, that is important to consider when designing the or- ganisation of a purchasing function. Three focus areas for a purchasing function to consider, when increasing its contribution of resilience to a supply organisation in a post-merger phase, were identified. The importance of controlling to quantify the operations, formalising of processes to increase overall collaboration and exploring an optimal macro-level structure to capture purchasing synergies.
Supply chain resilience , post-merger integration , purchasing , purchasing and supply organisation , purchasing maturity , resilience capabilities
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