Hållbarhetsanalys av tillverkningstekniker

Examensarbete på grundnivå
Gustafsson, Lisa
Karlsson, Evelina
Sustainability can sometimes be hard to assess when different options are available. This report describes a way to choose between different manufacturing methods in metal cutting processing from a sustainability perspective. A assessment tool is developed with indicators for sustainability that should be answered and be used as the basis for the assessment of sustainability for each method. The starting point is a change project in an existing factory where a new technology is considered to be implemented. Normally sustainability is divided into three categories. These are ecological, social and economic sustainability. This is how UN in the Brundtland report from 1987 define sustainability. The assessment tool is developed with aim to be used in manufacturing processing, but with potential to be further developed into a wider perspective. Machining process is often energy consuming and uses a lot of chemicals. Cutting fluids are used which contain chemicals and can be contaminated with bacteria, which is a risk for workers health. The method for the development of the assessment tool consists of literature studies and a visit at a factory’s shopfloor to get a picture of what the existing technology looks like. A new way of choosing relevant indicators with inspiration from SMART and UN was developed and indicators from UN:s and GRI was the base for the new indicators, along with other indicators from the literature study. The assessment tool was made in Excel. The scope of assessment is limited to the machining area. A verification of the tool was made, with the existing data for cryogenic machining and machining with emulsion fluid, to show how the tool is meant to be used. The sustainability tool is meant to be used for comparison, as a foundation to make a decision of which of the methods is the most sustainable based on the needs of the company
Sustainability, indicators, manufacturing, machining technology, cutting
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