Kurskod Student 1 Personnummer 1 Student 2 Personnummer 2 Kursmoment 01xx (0 hp) betyg Ladok Kursmoment 02xx (15 hp) betyg Ladok e-publicering Examinator Examinations-datum Titel Översatt titel MMSX05 Tobias Micu 199301271392 Henrik Lillfors 198811084931 G 4 Ja Daniel Eriksson 2022-05-30 Retention and recruitment of female marine officers and ratings - What can be done to make the profession more attractive to women? Retention and recruitment of female marine officers and ratings - What can be done to make the profession more attractive to women?

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Lillfors, Henrik
Micu, Tobias
The maritime industry is experiencing a shortage of qualified seafarers according to BIMCO & International Chamber of Shipping (2021), and seafaring traditionally is a male dominated occupation. Women seafarers constitutes approximately of 2% of the total seafaring population and women in the engine department are even fewer in numbers. And women in the engine department onboard Swedish merchant ships are no exception to this. This statistic needs to improve and to encourage more women into build a seafaring career alongside men. Therefore, this study examines the current situation that women seafarers are in, and how their situation could be improved. As women find them themselves in a minority position and thus they risk facing prejudice, sexual harassment and bullying from their male colleagues. This could discourage any women from taking up a career as a seafarer. Moreover, it is explored on how women that are within the profession could feel more at home and stay in the profession. The participants, six in total, who had a minimum of five years’ and a maximum of forty years' experience as seafarers with an average of twenty-one years' experience. The participants were interviewed using a semi-structured model, then the data was analyzed by means of thematic analysis where three main themes and seventeen sub-themes emerged. The result shows that these women have in some way career had to endure prejudice, sexual harassment or bullying in the workplace at some point during their careers but that they mostly are treated equal to their male colleagues. It also emerged that a possible reason for the low representation of women seafarers in the engine department could be due to women in their childhood are not introduced to the maritime industry and the technical aspects in the same way that men are. Furthermore, starting a family is seen as an obstacle to continue a seafaring career. However, despite the complications that comes along with working as a seafarer, the respondents do enjoy the life at sea.
Women , Seafarer , Sexual Harassment , Gender equality , Male dominated , maritime industry , Retention , Recruitment of female seafarers
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