Utformning av ett grafiskt gränssnitt anpassat för en elektrisk motorcykel

Examensarbete på grundnivå
Design och produktutveckling 180 hp (högskoleingenjör)
Karnblad, Ellen
Svedberg, Madeleine
Abstract The project is initiated by Annevo AB which is a consulting company that promotes internal projects, which has led to Regent Motorcycles being created. Regent Motorcycles has developed an electrically powered motorcycle inspired from the 60s and 70s. The motorcycle is designed and developed to the specific target group, which is the modern motorcyclist aged 25–40, who commutes everyday and looks for other properties than sound and power. The project aims to investigate which functions a display for an electric motorcycle needs to contain in order to be customized to the target group. Futhermore, the aim is to investigate the design of the interface from a safety perspective, focusing on distracting the driver as little as possible. The project does not address the design of the external shape of the display. It also does not affect the programming behind the functions. The work began with a pre-study, which consisted of a market research, interviews and focus groups. After evaluation with the company, the pre-study resulted in a requirement specification. An imageboard with images that inspire the content's shapes and colors were also created. Important parts in the pre-study included that the contents of the screen should not take too much attention from the driving. The system should also be understandable and create a good user experience. Based on the pre-study, four concepts were formed which were evaluated by user tests based on the categories navigation, clarity, layout and safety. A final concept was designed where safety was the highest priority. Functions that were interesting for the target group were mainly information presented with a safe and entertaining perspective. The design of the content was adapted to make clear divisions and placements in order for the motorcyclist to easily find the right information. The final concept focused on making the user pay attention in the right situations and allowing the user to adapt the design to their own needs.
Produktion , Hållbar utveckling , Innovation och entreprenörskap (nyttiggörande) , Annan teknik , Production , Sustainable Development , Innovation & Entrepreneurship , Other Engineering and Technologies
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