Toward a framework for assessing meaningful differences between blockchain platforms

Examensarbete på kandidatnivå
Alm, Jesper
Lindblad, John
Meddeb, Jonas
Nord, Philip
Söderberg, Kristoffer
Wall, Jakob
Blockchain technology has gained public interest as the technology behind cryptocurrencies. However, there is a potential for the technology to be applied in additional contexts. One way to implement a blockchain solution is through use of a blockchain platform. There are today many different platforms to choose from. Unfortunately, blockchain platforms differ in the way that they operate and function. There is a lack of frameworks for stakeholders to compare different blockchain platforms. The purpose of this study is to provide a framework for comparing different blockchain platforms. Further, the purpose is also to use the framework to identify meaningful differences when developing a ROSCA application. This study was conducted by an initial literature review of blockchain technology and blockchain platforms to identify interesting properties. Three platforms, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Neo, were thoroughly examined. A ROSCA application was developed on Ethereum, identified platform properties were evaluated, and finally meaningful properties for the ROSCA application development were determined. Thirteen platform properties were found and used as the structure for the platform evaluation. Information about the three platforms was then structured to enable a juxtaposition with each of them. The development of a ROSCA application showed that important properties for a ROSCA application are trust, privacy and access, handling payments, cost of development, and developer community. This study form a foundation for further research about how to compare blockchain platforms. The selection of blockchain platform properties can be used as a framework to either evaluate blockchain platforms or in a comparison to other future frameworks. The development of a ROSCA application showed meaningful differences for development of that certain type of application. However, to get a more nuanced view on meaningful properties for different applications, further research, including development of other applications, as well as on other platforms, is crucial.
blockchain , blockchain technology , blockchain platform , Ethereum , Hyperledger Fabric , Neo , ROSCA , framework , decentralized application
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