A Nudging Home a home full of strategies facilitating a sustainable lifestyle

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master's Thesis
Architecture and planning beyond sustainability (MPDSD), MSc
Löfgren, Sofia
Ylenfors, Ida
We stand in front of an urgent global challenge and the climate crisis is a fact. One part of the solution is a transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. Our lifestyles are a result of activities and daily choices in our home, making the home a perfect arena for making a change. The purpose of the thesis is to explore and answer the two research questions: 1. How can nudging strategies be used in residential architecture to support and promote sustainable lifestyles? 2. What would such a nudging home look like? Nudging is an umbrella term for a number of strategies which alters the choice situation to encourage the user to take a certain action, without infringing on their free will. Nudging is used to influence people to do more long-term and sustainable actions, for themselves, our planet and society. One nudging example is to put the vegetarian alternative at the top of the lunch menu, which increases the sale of the dish drastically. Swedes are willing to change their lifestyles to lessen their climate impact. However, there is a gap between intention nd actual behavior. Nudging can bridge this gap and facilitate a change to a more sustainable lifestyle. Through research, case studies, site visits and interviews, nudging strategies have been collected and transformed into an architectural toolbox. The toolbox consists of six strategies divided into different tools and examples of tangible interventions. The toolbox provides examples of interventions for different stakeholders, but the architect’s role has been emphasized. The toolbox is applied and tested in a design project in an emerging part of Västerås. The proposed nudging multi-family housing block puts the bike at the forefront and is organized around the shared spaces and functions. The building is presented in architectural drawings showcasing the nudging interventions. The thesis sheds light on the importance of designing for sustainable lifestyles and contributes to the discussion of what future multi-family housing will look like. Nudging is not the single answer to the challenges we are facing, but can be one important puzzle piece.
Nudging, Sustainable lifestyles, Housing, Architecture, Toolbox
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